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InoBak : La Fusion De 2 Technologies Pionnières.

Give a hand to your sportsmen !

Why an application ?

A white label mobile application, an essential tool!

InoApps is an application designed to digitalize the management of your business and modernize your customer relationship.

In the digital age, your customers are no longer just looking to consume a game of soocer or padel, but above all for support and a personalized experience.

You have a mobile application that concentrates and simplifies all your daily tasks.

What is the content ?

News of your center :

Your social networks are connected to InoApps

Online booking :

Too much time spent on the phone ? Your sportsmen take over!

Too many cancellations ? With the bank imprint, you can guarantee the payment of reservations!

Player community :

From InoApps, your sportsmen manage the invitations for their match. If they are not enough InoApps allows them to find new players !

  • InoWys integrated in InoApps :

Your athletes have access to their video from the application of your centre. They are notified on their account as soon as the video is available.

Athletes take control of the dynamic scorekeeper from their smartphone.

Advantages of the application

Strengthen your brand image
by creating a real community.

Boost your communication
via notifications.

Optimise your bookings
with the bank imprint.

What Our Customers Say

Today everything is connected ! With InoApps, the customer has a complete user experience.

Franck Nocquet

Manager of Jogo Arena

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