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#4 Collab Interview With Beloura Soccer

#4 Collab interview with Beloura Soccer

Fourth moment of our “Partner Interview” saga! Today we give the floor to Nuno Pereira, owner and manager of the Beloura Soccer centre, who gives us his views on the digitalisation of centres and the consumption of video in Portugal

Hello Nuno Pereira, first of all we would like to thank you for becoming the first Portuguese independent center to trust us. Could you please present your center?

The name of my center is Beloura Soccer. It is situated in Sintra. Actually, I have two fields of five soccer.

In Portugal, how have you managed these complicated moments for your center?

Absolutely, very difficult, I opened my business in January 2020 so I worked two months and the Covid closed my doors. Of course, it is a difficult time but my idea of a good business management is always doing something different. That’s why I looked for you because E-NOVON does something new, that people like and that improve the football experience.

Why did you take the digital step at the end of last year with the installation of video & buzz on your main field in your center?

Because of what I’m talking about, we have many fields in our region but I want to do different and better than others. The football balls that I use in my center are the official balls that are used in Portugal. The chasubles are holy washed and disinfected. I care a lot about the showers, the water warm. The cameras InoWys appears with this logical, it is a better service to rent my field. Be different, be better that’s my way of thinking.

And you managed, to take a second one 4 month later…

First of all, I tried with one field because we had something in our mind but we had to see with our clients their opinion about it. Basically, the field with video had a good rent so I decided to equip the second one.

How do you feel about the contribution of E-NOVON digital solutions to your center?

I really like the quality of the equipment settled. More other, human service is top, you are available persons. We can talk easily. In the first step, when I talk to you and you give me the sides the people go to see the videos, I demand you to put the sharing features on social media and you directly did it. Now it is the digital time so if you can immediately share your movie, it is really great!

How is the consumption of a video service for a discipline like soccer in Portugal?

Very good, they like it a lot! In my vision, it is also important to say that you protect where you put your cameras because your service is amazing but it stays amazing if you make exclusivity for it. What I’m talking about is, if every fields that I have in concurrency on my area have the same services, it becomes common, not special!

Would you advise an independent center to equip itself with E-NOVON solutions?

Of course, absolutely I will! Only for center far from mine because of what I said! (laugh)

Honestly, I make a financial effort to pay this service but how exclusive it is, it gives me the “keep peace concurrency”. With my many services, customers prefer to play in my center than in others and for that it is logical to improve the playing experience.

Could you say 3 words that define what you thing about E-NOVON?

Different, fast service because I can play a game and about ten minutes later, I have my game available on video. And, the quality of course!

Finally, what can we wish you for the future?

Maybe to improve this service with something you can carry with you like watch or a drone instead of the button to buzz moves.

For my center, I will try to put more fields, padbol maybe, I also wish to put two cameras in both fields. That will be, an amazing service!

Obrigado Nuno!

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