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The White Label, A Marketing Process Adapted To Sports Centres!

The White Label, a marketing process adapted to sports centres!


This marketing process is the hallmark of E-NOVON, and one of the major differentiations we offer from our competitors.


“A white label is a service or product designed by a company that its customers take over and market under their own brand. ” 📖

Let’s take an example from our field of activity… ⚽🎾🏀

E-NOVON is a provider of digital solutions (video & scoring) for sports centres. These services are then offered free of charge to their clients. The users of our products & services are therefore the customers of our customers! (Strange explanation but not so complex when you think about it…🤔)

In this context, it makes sense for us to provide our customers with the full added value of our equipment. 🔝

✅ The BENEFITS of white labeling for your complex ✅

➡ Mobile app branded by YOUR name 📱

➡ All your interfaces charted to YOUR visual entity 🧬

➡ Viewing and sharing videos only from YOUR website and mobile app. (AND NOT FROM OURS!) 📺

➡ Embedding YOUR logo on all YOUR videos 🎞

If you need more information, contact us!

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INOWYS is our HD video solutionINOSCORE is our multimedia scoring solution

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