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#3 Collab Interview With Mon Club & Mon Club 2.0

#3 Collab interview with Mon Club & Mon Club 2.0

New guest for this third issue of the “Interview Partner” saga.

We are going to the Mediterranean coast, and more precisely to Marseille, to the Mon Club 2.0 owned by Romain Sombret. Founder of an eSports team (MCES) and owner of an innovative complex with a gaming area, Romain talks about the advantages of digital products in sports facilities.

Hi Romain, first of all, how are you and how did you manage these last complicated moments?

I’m fine, as well as we can go in 2021 if I may say so! On a more serious note, it’s been complicated over the last few months. Our two 5-a-side football, padel and badminton centres were closed for three months in the first period. Since 27 September, Marseille has been among the cities where non-essential shops had to close first. So it’s very complicated to manage. With subjects that are not always pleasant to deal with, such as partial unemployment, the State Guaranteed Loan, aid, negotiations with landlords, etc. On this last point, we have two different situations. One, in Bouc Bel Air where our landlord cancels our rent when we are closed. So it’s going relatively well even though we have expenses that continue to reduce the cash flow. And the other, in Marseille, where there is an accumulation of rent debts and where the situation will become very complicated in the coming months.

Having a so-called 2.0 centre, digital seemed essential to your centre, didn’t it? What benefits do you think digital brings to a centre?

I think the experience of a football 5 centre starts before you get on the pitch and ends long after the game is over. The possibility to book online, to get back your videos after the match etc. All this experience, it seems to me, is a differentiator for a certain category of our clients. Not all 5-a-side players are necessarily fans of these technologies, but a large proportion of them, especially the young ones, enjoy them very much.

We have been partners for a while, how would you describe E-NOVON solutions?

So by being an early partner of E-NOVON with the first centre I had in Bouc Bel Air. The solutions have evolved a lot, and always in the right direction, namely in improving and facilitating the customer experience. I’m delighted with the relationship we have with E-NOVON and the cost-benefit which I think is good, certainly well positioned in the market.

In 3 words, how would you define E-NOVON?

I would say innovation, professionalism and sympathy as the team is cool, friendly and understanding.

Would you recommend E-NOVON products?

Absolutely ! And I’ve already done it several times!

Finally, what can we wish you for the year 2021?

Reopen, restart a normal activity!

Thank you Romain, take care and happy new year !

Romain Sombret – Founder Team MCES & Mon Club & Mon Club 2.0

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