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Our Video System For All Your Activities 🎥

Our video system for all your activities 🎥

Most video providers are dependent on a scorer to provide this service to your customers. For a game, it’s perfect. But what about your other activities ❓

– Children’s birthdays 🎁
– Football schools and courses 👧👦
– Bubble football and archery ⚽🏹
– Dance activities 🤸

At E-NOVON, we are committed to making our solutions autonomous, synergistic and suitable for all types of activity in your centre. 🏢

That’s why we offer you videos whatever the activity on your grounds ! 🥅

Note that all these activities can be broadcast live in your Club House, without the intervention of the scorer ❗

Use of our scorerduring a match = Enhanced video !
👉 Video overlay of time
👉 Team names
👉 Scoreboard
👉 Animation and scorer names

An activity without a scorer? ❌
👉 The InoWyssolution detects a presence on your fields and will automatically generate a video for your athletes !

✅ Get the most out of your video solution with E-NOVON !

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